I’ve definitely lost my website. I think I’ve completely confused the DNS server. I’ll give it another day or so and phone the hosting company. It just goes to show that you should never try to fix what’s not broken! I was trying to add a redirection for this blog. Oh well. I’ll just have to sort it out in time.

But it does raise the question of what to do when things go wrong. It’s so easy to get frustrated. I mean, I could easily blame the hosting company; after all, it may still be their fault. But it only happened because I decided to “play” with the settings. That’s my problem. It means I have to accept the consequences of my actions.

That’s what’s missing with many people, today. They are happy to blame others for their problems without thinking about their own contribution to the problem. The result is a generation of people who think that the whole world belongs to them; who are so hung up on their “entitlement” that other people’s rights are ignored, pushed into the background, or even trampled on.

As parents, we have a responsibility to raise our children to accept the consequences of their actions rather than protecting them from the educational opportunities.

Protection versus Responsibility

Yes, we have a duty of care; and we must never leave our children in a position where they could be harmed by the consequences of their actions. Still, there’s a difference between being harmed and learning lessons. For example, if our son was caught speeding and we paid the fine, what would he learn? Yes, we might lend him the money to pay; but if we insist that he finds a way to pay it back, then he will learn the lesson rather than think he is entitled to speed.

There are lots of areas where this is so. From an early age we can, and should, teach children to apologise. We should teach them that they are not entitled to other people’s things, that taking without permission is wrong, that it’s not theirs, just because they happen to have it in their hands.

Responsibility is an attitude of mind and heart. We need to teach our children to be responsible and accept the consequences. But that will only happen if we demonstrate that attitude, ourselves.

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