Categories–A Blogger’s Bridge

Bridge at Llyn Llech Owain

I keep publishing posts without categories. I don’t suppose it matters, really, but it’s so annoying when I realise and have to go and update. OK. It’s not that big a crisis, really. Still, if you’re as impetuous as I am, you’ll know the frustration of getting it wrong!

So why do we need categories, anyway? First, I think it’s a mark of respect for our readers. After all, who wants to trawl through dozens (hundreds?) of posts with the latest recipes until they find their article on car mechanics? Who wants to read all that poetry when there is more exciting information available about the local music scene?

So how do we go about remembering to file our articles in the correct categories? I guess it’s a matter of discipline; the discipline of proof-reading. The thing is, if I am already in the habit of proof-reading my article, surely I should include the title area, which should include the categories and tags. This takes practice, of course. After all, I would venture to suggest that the majority of bloggers are not professional journalists. Most of us have other things to do with our time. Blogging is our way of relaxing and sharing with the wider community. Therefore, spending time on proof-reading seems to be a pointless exercise.

Yet it makes sense to use categories. Think about it. How many of us keep the tea and spanners together? How many of us keep our paperwork in the freezer? Not deliberately, anyway. Surely, we want to make sure that we can find our articles, even if no one else reads them!

Categories bridge the gap between our keyboards and our memories. We work hard to bring our articles to publication. The least we can do is make it easy for people to find them.

So, from now on, I am going to try to get into the habit of assigning at least one category and one tag before I start typing. That way, I should at least have some idea where to look.

20 thoughts on “Categories–A Blogger’s Bridge

  1. lol…I always feel badly about not assigning categories. I remember the tags, but always forget the other. I am sure to remember now….I think….maybe…..Huh? What were we talking about??


  2. These are all good points, nice post. I like categories. I’ve always used them, but I can get really excited about publishing a post and forget to take care of those details. I’ve tried to get in the habit of looking at that screen: “You published your 98th post!” (Can’t believe I’m near 100!!) Anyway, all that text on the left as you scroll down lists your tags and categories, and if they are glaringly not there, duh, I immediately press “Edit Post” right on that same screen, and fix it. It’s a habit that has saved me more than once. I also started using pages as contents because even with categories and search, I was having trouble finding things myself. And if I can’t find things on my blog, who can?


  3. I have forgotten to include the title when I hadn’t yet chosen between two or waited for more inspiration, only to hit publish and have a number assigned as the title. [chuckle] By the way, what are spanners? I’m sure I could google it, but then where would the human interactive go, right?


  4. aloha Michael56j – i find categories and tags are like a lot of things—it’s about pattern. if i set up my patterns in a good way then one thing flows into the next that way.

    i’m also eclectic. for me in this case that means i find it easier to place what i do in a category (or categories) after i do it. that works out for me in that it’s often more accurate than if i try to define what i’m really after before i do it. this is just how i work, not how i expect it to work for others although it might work well for others too. fun stuff to think about. thank you. aloha.


  5. Categories are important I wish I would have paid more attention to that when I started my blog. That was over three years ago, and I have not been good about evolving my categories. My “General” category is the most used one, unfortunately!


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