Malham Cove

Malham Cove 2

Limestone rock outcrop.
Nature’s majesty displayed.
A sense of smallness.

Malham Cove, near the village of Malham in Malhamdale, Yorkshire, is described as “a huge curving amphitheatre shaped cliff formation of limestone rock.”

The cliff face is about 260 feet high. The top is formed of a large limestone pavement. Walking towards the cliff you get a sense of how small we are compared with the wonders of nature.

You cannot see them in these photos, but there are climbers on the rock face. You can get a sense of the sheer size of this cliff by looking at the path in the above photo. As the path enters the trees, you can see two people walking. That should provide a sense of scale.

Malham Cove 3

The area is regularly visited by climbers and walkers, alike. It is a beautiful walk, especially in the summer, when these photos were taken. It is a peaceful walk through beautiful scenery and well worth the effort.

Malham Cove 1

It is recommended that rather than re-trace your steps along the track, you should cross the stream and follow the public footpath through the fields, back to Malham village, where there is a small shop.

Malham Cove 4

Walking around the area, it is so calm and peaceful, it gives you an opportunity to relax. It is an opportunity to be with your thoughts with no pressure to achieve anything except the safe arrival back at your resting place or your selected form of transport.

Many people, these days, struggle to find time for such activities. Yet we all need to relax and take stock of our lives. We need to regularly review where we are, where we have come from, and, perhaps more importantly, where we are headed. We cannot always do that with the hectic pace of life, today. We really need to slow down, from time to time, and get away from the worries of everyday life. Yes, our concerns are likely to still be there when we get back. But, having spent time on ourselves, we will be in a much better position to deal with them. And, if we have shared that activity with a trusted, loving, caring mate, we will be better equipped to face life together.


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