Porthcawl Lighthouse at Night


Nikon D60 30 sec’s f5.6

Silent sentinel
Lights the way for sea-farers
Facing stormy seas

Many photos of Porthcawl Lighthouse have been taken. There are some stunning photos of the lighthouse during storms. I was going to link to some of them, but there are so many. Just type Porthcawl Lighthouse into your search engine. But I like this one because of the mood that it conveys and because of the technicalities of capturing the image.

The haze in the foreground is the restlessness of the sea as the tide washes to and fro up to the pier, bathed in moonlight bouncing off the water droplets.

You cannot see it very well at this size, but the light in the middle of Ogmore Beach, in the distance, is a camp fire on the beach.

This was originally posted on my photography blog, but I have decided that keeping more than one blog going is not easy. So I am moving everything across to this blog.


13 thoughts on “Porthcawl Lighthouse at Night

  1. Really poignant “feel” to the haiku, and the photo is magnificent! Think combining the two blogs is an excellent idea. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photography linked up with your haiku — great combo!



    • Thanks Ron. I was writing haiku on my photo blog and putting photos with my haiku and other articles. It was getting to be a bit of a jumble.

      Thanks for the comments. They really help and encourage me.


      • when you find yourself drawn to one thing rf the other, over and over, without conscious thought, it is generally your intuition or heart speaking and you should listen )


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