Tram Road, Swansea

Tram Road

What once was busy,
Resting, now, from endless toil.
Tourist attraction.

The old tram road at Clyne woods in Swansea has now been redeveloped as a cycle track designated as Route 4 by Sustrans.

The route links London with Fishguard, in South West Wales, which is one of the departure points for the ferry to Ireland. It means that environmentally friendly and health-conscious tourists can cycle all the way, except for the ferry crossing.

Part of the tram road has been left in place as a tribute to the industrial and coal heritage of South Wales.

Heritage is one thing that gives us a sense of identity. Maybe preserving everything is not practical. But the memories will serve us well.


3 thoughts on “Tram Road, Swansea

    • Thanks Beth. It’s a strange photo in some ways but I think it has a sense of looking both forward and back at the same time. It makes me look back to the heritage, but also forward into the future. One of my creative thinking moments, maybe.


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