Random Posting – Please Help

Is it me, or my imagination
Or does WordPress only post
From self-hosted blogs
When it feels like it?

Seriously, I seem to have a problem getting posts from my self-hosted blog to show up in the Reader with any consistency. One day it works; then it doesn’t; then it does again. Is it me?

Any suggestions  would be gratefully received.


8 thoughts on “Random Posting – Please Help

  1. i don’t know about self-hosted but almost every day, a post isn’t there & then a few hours later it appears in the reader or at least one day a week i will have only 3 hours repeat over & over into infinty , the same 6 people & no one else….


    • What is frustrating is that sometimes you can post from a self-hosted blog and it shows up immediately; usually it takes a few minutes; but often it simply doesn’t show up at all. Then you have to reblog to a WordPress.com site.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems, though. I thought it was me!


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