Self-Hosted Blog Issue


I’m hoping someone can help me. I have a self-hosted blog here. It is one of a number of blogs using the same account, but I used my master Dashboard to install the Push Syndication add-on to try to get my posts to show up in the WordPress Reader. It worked, once or twice, in the early days, but now it has stopped. Several times, I have tried deleting the API application and re-created it, without success.

I have posted in the forums, looking for help, but it seems to me that there is a lot of conflicting advice in there, much of it very specific to the individual blog issue, but none of it specifically telling anyone how to get this to work.

So I’m looking to those of you with self-hosted blogs, and who have managed to get your posts to show up in the Reader. Any help that you can offer would be welcome. If you can help me to get this working, I will be even more grateful 🙂


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