Grandpa’s Way Poetry

I mentioned in my previous post that I have published my first book of poetry on Amazon.

Well, I am now pleased to tell you that the book will be available for free download, this weekend, from 16th to 17th May.

Please feel free to get your copy, and, if you feel that you could write a review, then that would be much appreciated.

Once again, thank you to my readers and mentors for your help and encouragement.

7 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Way Poetry

  1. Mike, I have just downloaded “Grandpa’s Way…” to my PC, using the free “Kindle for PC” app. I have only read 15-20 of the poems so far…but WOW!! I am so thrilled that you are now published and equally thrilled and thankful that you made the book available FREE (for a limited time)!! The poetry is stunning!! So listen up, everyone — get Michael’s book NOW! This is one you’ll read again and again. Do it!! 😛

    Thanks again, Michael…you’re the best!


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