9 thoughts on “Are You Sure You Want to Share That with the World?

  1. No, you are not. I was on Facebook for 2 weeks and got off. I grew so tired of all the posts about waiting for a movie to start, or having diarrhea, or I’m at the grocery in line!!!! the mundane stuff just…I don’t know, irked me. And then the people who went on rants about everything. Right now, our Supreme Court is discussing this. As an example, posts from a man threatening to kill his wife “fold up that restraining order, put in your pocket, and see if it will stop a bullet.” and much much worse, including elementary school schootings. Just horrible stuff. Cyber bullying, saying things online you’d never say to the person face to face because of being a cowardly bully. I don’t know, it just seems people don’t have manners or kindness anymore. I know that is an exaggeration, but it just seems so prevalent. I had to block my blog from someone who persisted in making crude, ugly comments. I deleted them from showing up, but…I reported them and I am not sure what happened, but it stopped. But I have put a block on them all the same and codified words and phrases that would be blocked.


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