7 thoughts on “Distraction Techniques

      • Unfortunately, smoke screens are usually made from blatant lies, which is ironic because the liar is then exposed by virtue of their story not stacking up. After all, where there are facts, there is one truth, regardless of whether or not we can perceive it. All else is lies or misinformation. Either I have a piece of paper in my hand, or I do not. One statement is absolute truth, the other is a lie.

        Meanwhile, the innocent party has to spend unnecessary time defending his or her good name while the guilty party who is maligning that good name is simply making a fool of themselves because it is obvious to those knowing the facts that they are trying to distract attention from their own misdemeanors.

        I would agree that there are (at least) three versions of every story: yours, mine, and the real truth somewhere in between. But that means there is one absolute truth, regardless of our perception. When two police officers apprehend a man in the middle of stabbing his victim, and he claims (untruthfully) that one of the arresting officers is having an affair with the other officer’s wife, I would suggest that this is not his perception but a blatant lie intended to create a distraction. There is one absolute truth: He was stabbing his victim. All else is irrelevant. And his lies are a distraction intended to deflect attention from him and his crime. His crime is a reality that he does not want to experience in his own mind, and so he tries using esoteric philosophies to create his own alternate reality, not only in himself, but also in those watching. It is a web of lies which will collapse; but not before it has destroyed his relationship with those whom he loves, and whose love, which he rejected, was trying to save him.


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