Horton-in-Ribblesdale from The Pennine Way

A summer’s journey

On a long-distance footpath

Reminder of life

The village of Horton-in-Ribblesdale is on The Pennine Way. Many people use the Pen-y-ghent Café in the village as the start and end point for The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

This view only shows about half of the village, including the railway station at the side of the village. The track is part of the Settle to Carlisle railway.

In the interests of honesty, we did not walk the full length of the Pennine Way. We only took a stroll of about a mile while we were waiting for our dinner to cook!


Walk With Me


Take my hand.
Walk with me along life’s path,
Through fields of grazing sheep,
Toward the summit’s splendour.

Loaded down with picnic hamper;
Basket full of snacks and treats
That we can share along life’s way;
Our onward, upward hike.

Rest for lunch upon the peak;
Gaze out from the summit,
As far as eyes can see,
And look toward our future.

Wait until the crowds have gone;
The tourist walkers leave;
Then you and I shall rest, alone,
In private solitude.

Our peaceful idyll,
Under bright blue skies
With dappled shade from clouds on high,
Calms our troubled hearts.

You and I, finding peace,
Sitting, resting, talking, thinking,
Of philosophy and poetry,
Of life, and what we’ve made it.

Descend as evening starts to fall,
With shadows growing longer.
Walk with me, along life’s path,
And conquer hills together.