If On a Sunny Summer’s Day

Summer Garden, Yorkshire

Summer Garden


If on a sunny summer’s day

I walked along a rambling way

Through trees and fields of new mown hay

What profit would it bring me?


Or if in autumn I did ride

Upon a boat washed by the tide

To find a place where I could hide

What pleasure would it give me?


Perhaps in winter I could run

And slide with children having fun

Or throw a snowball at someone

What lessons would it teach me?


If in the spring I watched the trees

Or saw the way a sparrow sees

The spiders and the humming bees

What happiness would greet me?


In summer, autumn, winter, spring

Whatever weather they would bring

If I could give to you a ring

What wond’rous love would fill me.

Laugharne Castle

What awesome stories could be told

Of knights in armour, riding bold

Defending maids in days of old

And marching on to glory

In battles fought and battles won

As armour shone in summer sun

The knightly steed would yield to none

Despite the great furore

But now the castle’s falling down

No kingly head to wear the crown

All memory is just a frown

As children learn the story

Students of literature may recognise Laugharne Castle. On the other side of the castle is Dylan Thomas’ boathouse where he wrote much of his work, including, I believe, his play, Under Milk Wood.