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Having a number of blogs on the go at any given time, I like to keep the options open for my readers. After all, why come to my Haiku blog when you want to see my photos, and vice versa?

However, I am finding it increasingly likely that my blog posts overlap categories. Therefore, I have decided to try sticking to one blog, for the time being, and leave links to the others here so that anyone who is interested may go back into the other blogs and take a look. So, here goes. Take your pick from the following:-

Harcourt 51 – This blog – Originally planned to be a sort of general purpose, catch-all blog, but now I see it as my main activity

Michael’s Haiku – My Haiku blog – Strangely, this was to be my original general purpose blog. Oh well. Embrace change

Michael’s Photo Blog – What it says – My photography.

Sufficient for Each Day – This was originally set up as a sort of trial for musings on mindfulness. But I started to get followers and likes and I decided that I would keep it going and see what happens

As I say in my “About” page, I’m not claiming that any of these are particularly great. I started this exercise to try to develop my discipline in project planning and execution. I’m pleased to say that I seem to be achieving some sort of progress.

One final thought, I have noticed that a number of bloggers complain about hurtful criticism. I don’t mind constructive comments. I don’t even mind the occasional, “I hate this. It really annoys me to see such trash.” But if you are going to say anything, please treat others with respect; treat them as you would like to be treated. Anything else will simply be moderated out and may even be reported.



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