Ten Ways to Tell that You’ve Had a Successful Summer Recess

You know you’ve had a successful summer recess when:

1. You spent less time in the emergency room this year than last year
2. Your house looks like Genghis Khan rode through
3. You have bright, shiny new graffiti on your walls
4. Your laundry is threatening to break out of the laundry room
5. You still can’t find where that smell is coming from
6. Your cupboards are bare
7. Your neighbours are still talking to you
8. You managed to put together an acceptable school uniform
9. You opened your last jar of coffee on the day they went back to school
10. And despite all that, all you can think about is going back to bed to catch up on some sleep!

Congratulations. You’re a survivor.

Weather–Or Not

Pen y Fan 5

This was Pen y Fan and Corn Du on 3rd November, 2012. So far, this year, there has been no sign of any snow, but the mountains still look beautiful.

I have been a little quiet, this week. It’s a case of prioritising. We all have much to do and we need to make sure that we do the most important things, first. Still, when I looked at the weather, last Monday, I couldn’t help thinking that, although I had work to do, the mountains were calling. Never mind. Deadlines come and go. The mountains will be there for some time.

Sufficient for Each Day

Cribyn from Pen y Fan

It’s not tomorrow
You need to worry about.
Today is enough.

We spend so much time fretting about what may happen. Yet we should spend our time dealing with what is happening.

Real mindfulness will make us aware of the whole picture, allowing us to deal with our trials. But real mindfulness will also help us to know that the worries of tomorrow have not happened, yet; and maybe they never will. Therefore, why worry about them.

Now, that’s not to say that if we have an engagement of some sort, tomorrow, we do not prepare for it. However, worrying about it, to the exclusion of today’s issues, is unnecessary. In fact, it could be said that if we are worrying about tomorrow’s issues, rather than today’s, we are procrastinating. We are putting today’s concerns off in favour of the far more “pleasant” activity of worrying about tomorrow. After all, some people are not happy unless they have some crisis about which to worry. Yet, as the saying goes, tomorrow never comes.

So concentrate on the present moment. Look at what you have to deal with, now. Maybe that is planning what will happen tomorrow. But make sure that you have dealt with current issues, first.

As for the picture, it is a photograph of Cribyn from the shoulder of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. It’s not a hard walk, but you know you have been exercising when you get up there. I took the photograph in 2012.

The point of the picture is that the goal may be to reach the summit, as it was for my wife and me, earlier this year. We are proud to have reached the top of Pen y Fan in 2012. However, part way up, this year, my wife felt unwell enough to complete the walk. She said, rightly, that she should go back to the car at the foot of the mountain, and I agreed. She suggested that I go on and reach the summit. However, there were only two of us in the party. As much as I wanted to reach the top of Cribyn, the safety of my team came first. She would have done the same for me. It was a case of being in the present moment.

As a result of that aborted attempt, I have failed in my goal to reach the summit of Pen y Fan, again, this year. But I am happy in the knowledge that my wife was, and is, safe beside me. That is what mindfulness is all about.