A Sudden Movement

A sudden movement

Stealthy summer creatures hunt 

In the undergrowth


Long Lonely Road

So far have we come, but so far yet to go

A road, Oh so lonely, that very few know

The challenges faced when you’re searching inside

Where so many others their painful lives hide


Afraid to be thinking, their lives filled with sound

To smother the mem’ries, that inside abound

They try to forget all the troubles they’ve faced

E’en though all the turmoil is etched on their face


They cannot abide seeing others distressed

It only reminds them how their lives are messed

And so, they give up, leaving suff’rers alone

With no one to comfort or give them a home


A child that’s in need is a poor lonely soul

With nothing to live for, a life with no goal

Till in steps a carer who’ll give of their best

To give them a place where they’ll find peace and rest


The challenge is facing your own distant past

To give the poor children a love that will last

A love that will conquer the pain and the hurt

The lack of attention, the hunger, the dirt


Deep into their conscience the carer must dig

To battle their fears that the task is too big

To deal with their own long held issues and pain

To stop them from rising again and again


A long, lonely road that so few can travel

To help these young ones as their lives unravel

So few can make it, despite all the beauty

A long, lonely road that is not just duty


Fighting the system, even fighting their friends

The work of a child advocate never ends

The dangers and threats may seem never-ending

Often it seems that the rules just need bending


For Mother and Father are just facts of life

If babies are loved or their lives filed with strife

But Mum and Dad titles, they have to be earned

By love and by courage that will not be turned


So search deep inside. Find the courage to act

Make love for your children a matter of fact

And if you do care for a child not your own

Remember, this road you don’t travel alone

The Assassin


Taking careful aim

The assassin marked her target

Aligned the crosshairs

Over her victim’s heart

She thought she knew his weakness

Thought she could not fail

She checked her aim once more

And pulled the trigger

She smiled, self-satisfied

Watched the deadly projectile

Headed straight for his heart

But it was her heart that missed a beat

As his integrity got in the way

And the only thing to die that day

Was the bond between them


Be Careful What You Wish For

Barbed Wire Sunset

Anger that cannot be expressed in words of single syllables

Spoken with such venom as to frighten e’en the brave

Words, frustration-born and vicious, defamation in their wake

To punish those whose motives are only true and just

Speech that tolerates no mercy with honour cast aside

Respect a mere illusion the upright to deride

Assassinate the character of those who came to help

Creating phantom sickness to cover true intent

Wild accusations flying ‘gainst those who came to rescue

Whose only “crime” is caring, who saved you from yourself

A soap box, neatly positioned to spout specious arguments

Before so-called friends, while victims stay publicly silent,

Protecting the integrity of those dishonouring them

And of those who would suffer most

And why?

Perhaps a need to justify a conscience seared with sin

Perhaps because of jealousy barely hidden deep within

Perhaps because of knowing the ignored advice was wise

Perhaps because the innocent are unable to defend themselves

Brazen conduct masquerades as indignation

Against the protectors of future generations

A challenge thrown down to those who turn the other cheek

Be careful what you wish for, oh would-be assassin

You might just get it

And who will you hide behind, then?