They abide nearby

And now they’ve had three babies

No photos as yet

We were so pleased, today, to see the babies joining their parents at our feeding station. But they flew away before I could get the camera out.




Martyr to your cause

I will speak what’s in my heart

In the name of love

Many people think of the word, martyr as meaning one who sacrifices himself or herself. Yet that concept was a later interpretation. The original meaning of the Greek word, martys, was of one who bears witness to what he knows or has seen. However, it also came to refer to the fact that someone who is truly committed to the truth would be prepared to die for the sake of truth; thus, a martyr.

What Did You Construct


What did you construct?
Was it a wall to keep me out?
Or a castle to keep me in?
Or a drawbridge to keep us connected?

Was it a fantasy?
Or was it a folly?
Was it a tower with a secret trap door?
Or was it your vanity that kept me away?

Safe behind your walled construction
Safe within your castle closure
Safe within your locked tower
Leave the drawbridge lowered for me

Let us build our own walls
Let us build our own castle
Let us build our own drawbridge
Let us build our own tower

Or is it fantasy?
Or is it folly?
Am I forever to be outcast?
Kept at a distance?

By you
And your walls of pain