Subtlest Nuance

MV Teal - Windermere - 160728
MV Teal – Lake Windermere

Subtlest nuance

Black and white summer photo

Could have been winter

But, then, it was a dismal day!

According to the Lake Windermere website:

The Teal has three decks and at full capacity can hold 533 passengers. The ship is also wheelchair accessible.

Passenger facilities include a refreshment bar and licensed bar, promenade deck, view stations, centrally heated saloons and toilets. All facilities excluding toilets and licensed bar are wheelchair accessible on this boat.

This ship was built in 1936 by Vickers of Barrow. The sections of boat were transported by rail to Lakeside and assembled. The M.V. Teal is 142ft long weighing 251 Tonnes. On board it is manned by a crew of seven and can reach a speed of 10 knots with its 2 x 6 cylinder Kelvin diesel engines and 2 x auxiliary generators.

The photo was taken in colour in July, but it was such a dismal day, it looks better in black and white!

The lake cruises are well worth trying, if only for the sense of serenity that you get, gently bobbing up and down over the water. If it was not for the scenery, you could close your eyes and drift to far-off lands.